R.J. Lewis is a performer known from Broadway to Atlantic City's shore.  He's performed in shows like BARNUM as well as performing as a magician, juggler and stilt walker in just about all of the casinos in Atlantic City.

    His most recent project is The Magic Of Christmas.  This album is truly unique, because it contains twelve original songs, written by Ralph Carbone.  This album is a delight for listeners young and old.

    R.J.'s vocals on songs like "Who's That" seem to step out of a classic Christmas special. This song will have everyone believing in Santa Claus.  The lyrics have a certain child-like innocence that is perfect for the holiday season.

    Another song for the younger listeners is "Send Out A Letter."  The children's choir featuring Elizabeth Daniska, Rebecca Lewis, Abigail Flanigan, Meghan Ryan, and Dillon Ryan adds at touch of whimsy to this song.

    Many of the songs on The Magic Of Christmas will make you nostalgic for the soundtrack to Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer.

    The album isn't all children's songs about Santa though.  "Come To The Manager," is a beautiful song that focuses on the spiritual side to the season.

    Having both types of songs on the album allows you to see the versatility of R.J. Lewis.  He can sing the fun, playful songs that will make the little ones smile and with ease sing something more grownup sounding, like "Ave Maria."  But no, not that "Ave Maria," this is a totally new song, but just as awe inspiring.  This song allowed R.J. the chance to show off his operatic training and he does so with great style.

    It is hard to decide which side of R.J. you'll love listening to the most.  When you hear songs like "Sparky The Elf" and "A Snowflake Called Jake," you really get caught up in the wonder of the holiday through a child's eyes.  These songs are a bit like “Frosty” and “Rudolph” too, as they both tell the story of some special holiday characters.  But songs like "On The Wings Of Angels" and "I Know This Place So Well" with their more theatrical vocals prove that R.J. is more than capable of handling more serious melodies.

    R.J. is definitely a man with great vocal talent and when combined with the great songs written by Ralph Carbone, you get an album that you just can't pass up.

    "Hear The Christmas Bells," is a wonderful jazzy number. R.J. is joined by Helene A. Masiko here.  Again the arrangement is full of nostalgia. "Have A Very Merry," is the type of holiday song that makes you feel like watching A Christmas Carol.  "Country Christmas" is an old fashioned sounding song, which is incidentally the song that Ralph Carbone brought to R.J. that inspired the album. Also of note, the title track is the only song that was written for this album, the other eleven where songs Ralph had previously written.

    No matter what type of music you prefer to listen to for the Christmas season, R.J.'s The Magic Of Christmas will have something that appeals to you.  This is an album that even the Grinchiest of Grinches will love.  Plus there aren't many albums that appeal to the masses quite like this one.

    The Magic Of Christmas is an album that the whole family can enjoy.  So take your pick of the twelve new Christmas classics found here, and get into the holiday spirit.

    It is impossible not to feel festive after giving this album a listen.  Grab a cup of hot chocolate and sit in front of the tree and listen to all the great songs on The Magic Of Christmas and maybe even sing along.

   Artist: R. J. Lewis

    Album: The Magic of Christmas

    Review by Andrea Guy

    Rating 5 (out of 5)

Andrea Guy hails from Southwestern Pennsylvania where she collaborates with several friends on an online music site called Mossip.  Mossip features music reviews, gossip, and the editorial column, “Elfslut Says” that is Andrea’s pet project among other fun musical features.  Music has always been part of her life; from the age of 5, The Beatles and The Monkees dominated her listening. Over the years, music became more and more important and one room in her house is filled with CDs from the floor on up. There isn’t a genre she won’t listen to at least once.

Review by Andrea Guy