The Magic Of Christmas Music

"An album the entire

family can enjoy"

"The Magic Of Christmas is full of glitz & pastiche of a stage show, as well as a spiritual sense of the holiday season.

--Review by Wildy Haskell

“The Magic Of Christmas is an album that the whole family can enjoy”

--Review by Andrea Guy


   Composer Ralph Carbone and I have been collaborating on shows for more than a decade.  In 2011, Ralph came to me with a song, “Country Christmas”, to see if I would be interested in recording it.  That song possessed such a wonderful combination of freshness and nostalgia that I hungered for more.


Music is a collaborative effort.  Many talented people were necessary to create this album, this music, and this experience.

We were fortunate to work  with people who were not only helpful, but giving. All involved were very generous with their time and their talents


Each one of the songs in this album not only tells a story but has a story.

The songs are the life's work of  composer Ralph Carbone, and with extra lyrics by R.J. Lewis and Guy Parker , each has refined the story it has to tell in a unique and powerful way


    We were able to make several videos of the songs to help tell each individual stories, and give a visual look to the song.

     We have three songs, one which tells a longer story and two that simple share the amazing music.


    To purchase the album is easy.  You can download the collection from iTunes or Amazon, or visit CD Baby to get a copy of the actual CD.

     You can even go to the JestMaster Foolery Shoppe which carries SIGNED copies of the CD.


     You can reach our staff to see about an appearance, a concert, or licensing any of the songs from the album here!

There is more than just music...

R.J. Lewis