The Magic Of Christmas Music

"An album the entire

Family can enjoy"

    Composer Ralph Carbone and I collaborated on shows for more than a decade.  In 2011, Ralph came to me with a song, “Country Christmas”, to see if I would be interested in recording it.  That song possessed such a wonderful combination of freshness and nostalgia that I hungered for more.

    Thus began our year-long journey, as Ralph sifted through decades of his original music, and together we unearthed or created twelve original Christmas songs presented in this collection.

      I was fortunate to meet producer and musician Guy Parker, who transformed these wonderful melodies into masterpieces: The Magic of Christmas.

    This is the result of the efforts of many talented people, all of whom I cannot thank enough.  From singers to musicians, from directors to designers, they all worked together to create this collection.  May this music that has so much meaning to me bring you joy and peace at this special time of year.

     In 2016, I experienced the loss of my long time friend and collaborator, but I am sure that Ralph is looking down and smiling everytime one of his songs are played.

          Enjoy the Holidays!


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