The Magic Of Christmas Music

Have A Very Merry

This is a fun piece featuring the Children's Choir. I own a LOT of puppets made by Steve Axtell and Axtell Expressions, and I thought it would be cool to feature his amazing products.

    So, with the help of friend and puppeteer Les Rosen, and a bit of green screen, I surrounded myself with puppets for a (hopefully) cute number.

Come to the Manger

   I wanted to be simple and respectful for this beautiful song.  We very simply shot the video in front of a black velvet curtain, and from every possible angle.  Since I was  in one spot, we kept the camera moving.

   I think the candles and costuming add to the Holiday feeling I wanted the song to inspire.


   This song about spending the holidays in the country was quite a challenge.  I tried many ideas and a filmed lot of footage, but none of the ideas gelled.

    Finally a friend recommended that I should be looking at a photo album, and the whole idea of city versus country, combined with lost love came to me.

   We shot in NYC one day in November, and got quite lucky when it started to SNOW!  We shot most of the footage in studio the second day, with the “country” location for the finale.